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"You’re feminine as fuck, hard as fuck, and you've got the whole ‘i give no shits’ ideology of punk culture. like you paint your nails intricately in specific colours but don’t give a shit if it breaks from punching some arsehole." - SkippingIsMagnificent.
3am me always looks cuter than 3pm me what the hell man.

3am me always looks cuter than 3pm me what the hell man.

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Searches for Sami Zayn

Gets results for Zayn Malik. 

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Cute metal boy texted me just now to let me know he’s  playing a bar near us on Halloween. 

He’s performing covers of Misfits songs and it’s a costume party and he’s thinking of going as Kurt Russell in Big Trouble in Little China.

In other words, I’m getting laid in a month. 


girl: be rough with me ;)




Leaders of the new school: Sami Zayn, Hideo Itami, Adrian Neville, Fergal Devitt and Kevin Steen talk to WWE.com about their generation

NEVILLE: I think “wrestling” and “wrestler” used to be dirty words. That has turned around. We’re all here to say it’s not a dirty word. In fact, it’s a beautiful word.

ZAYN: We’re proud to be wrestlers.

NEVILLE: This is all we’ve ever wanted. And if you’re [on the main roster] and maybe you’re a little complacent — you’ve lost that fire — that’s fine, but just know that we’re going to be on your heels. We’re coming.

WWE.COM: Are there guys you can see taking your place in five years?

ZAYN: Absolutely, yeah. I think Adam Cole will be here eventually. I’m a big advocate of his. I’m a huge Kenny Omega fan. I’m a huge fan of a Japanese wrestler named Kota Ibushi. I asked [Itami] when he got here, “Who else do you think would be good for WWE from Japan?” And the first person he said was Ibushi. The Young Bucks. They have a family life and a good thing going, so I don’t know if now is the time for them, but they are phenomenal. Kyle O’Reilly maybe, eventually.

STEEN: Johnny Gargano. There are so many good guys.


As a running gag between the two characters, Caboose often confuses Donut’s name with other types of pastry.

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