I am Courtney Rose, based on the novel Push by Sapphire. You love me, you just don't know it yet. Say hello and let us start a love affair of epic and friendly proportions. In this blog you will find a woman with an unhealthy obsession with comedy, pro-wrestling and some assholes who play video games. Also known as the Farmahini Queenie or #1 Brandon Farmahini stan. Get on my level.
"You’re feminine as fuck, hard as fuck, and you've got the whole ‘i give no shits’ ideology of punk culture. like you paint your nails intricately in specific colours but don’t give a shit if it breaks from punching some arsehole." - SkippingIsMagnificent.

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Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime

WWE Supercard is the most addicting shit ever. 

Put on your wwe themes song playlists and play and prepare to die, it’s awesome. 


Whenever Felix has sex it’s always a threesome because his ego is so big it counts as another person.


Jeff “Vintage Dick” Goldblum in GQ Magazine, September 2014

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I’ve been on tumblr for a year now, and when I first joined, I had NO Idea what I was doing, I didn’t think anyone would like my blog or I wasn’t gonna have many friends on here. But I’m so happy That I have reached 300 Followers!!!I just wanted to say, thank you all for putting up with me LOL 

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